In-House Financing Qualifications

Thinking about buying a car from Tansky’s Auto Mart? Here are some things you will need to complete the process:
1.) Down Payment
Acceptable Forms of Payment Include: Cashiers’ Check, Money Order, Cash and/or Credit Card.
** Personal Checks are Not Acceptable For Down Payment! **
2.) Proof of Income for at least a month
a. Have to make at least $1,200 monthly after taxes and other deductions.
b. Unemployment is not an eligible source of income
c. Student loans cannot be used as source of income.
d. Only court ordered child support is acceptable with proof.
e. Employment with a Temp. Agency is not accepted.
f. Must work at current job for min. of 1 yr. or job before current for this amount at least 1yr.
g. Workers’ Comp. is not an acceptable form of income.
3.) Full coverage insurance
a. You will need this before you can drive the car off the lot
i. You can have the insurance company fax this information to us at: 740-654-2210 (make sure deductible is shown) or they can email it to us at
b. Required to have a deductible of $500 or lower
4.) Copy of a Valid Ohio Drivers’ License
5.) 3 references or more
a. Names , relationship to person being financed, complete address and phone number
6.) Proof of Residency
Something that gets mailed to you with your name and current address.
7.) Must live in surrounding counties
a. Ask salesman for more information
** Must be at least 18 years of age**
** Tax , title and / or co-buyer can be required to high risk loans.
** If co- buyer is required they must meet qualifications and bring in required documentation.
***NOTE*** If you are in the process of filing bankruptcy or are about to file bankruptcy we will not be able to finance a vehicle for you. If you have been through bankruptcy and it’s been discharged notify your salesman on the status. They will need proof that it’s been discharged.